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CustomerCares4u is a platform where you can get various information like Customer Service, Locations, Hours of operations of renowned companies. For any query or suggestions, you can write to us on


What kinds of company information do you provide? is formed to mainly provide information on Hours, Customer Service and Locations of various companies.

I want to know the hours of operations of XYZ Company. Can I suggest something?

Sure, you can suggest as any company to the above email address. We will happily find the information for you.

Can i suggest you write on the topics other than hours, customer service and locations?

Dear readers, our goal is very clear. We feel happy to help you in any way. But the scope of our website is limited to Hours, Customer Service and locations only. We cannot provide you any information other than the above topics. 

Is is a government-owned company?

No, this is not a government-owned company. This is simply an informational website to help people to find the customer care, hours and locations of their favorite companies.

I am a writer, can I contribute to your website?

As of now, we do not offer anyone to write for us. In the future, we may allow the writers to write for us.

Do you write for companies that are outside the United States?

Yes, we want to help the people around the world, and we provide the information of the companies outside USA as well. We are improving every day. And our goal is to help people all over the world.