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What are Chipotle Hours of Operations?

Chipotle Hours of Operations - Chipotle has its presence in more than 2,000 location across the United States, Canada, Germany, and France. Hence the hours of working vary too as per the locations, and the day you are planning to visit. It also varies during holidays. So without wasting any time, let's find out how you can find the hours of Chipotle outlet near you.
Chipotle Hours
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General Hours of Chipotle

On Weekdays - Generally, work hours of Chipotle on Weekdays are from 10:45 a.m to 11:00 p.m (Monday to Friday). 

On Weekends - Generally, work hours of Chipotle on weekends are from 10:45 a.m to 11:00 p.m (Saturday and Sunday)

Note:- Above are the general timings of Chipotle outlets. But the timings vary as per the locations. Hence Please visit the Location Finder to find the Exact hours of the store near you. To know how to user Location Finder to find the hours of operations, keep reading the post.

Find Chipotle Hours using Location Finder

  • Go to the Location Finder of Chipotle, and type your City or State or Zip Code to find the stores in your city or state or near your area. 
  • You will now be able to view all the stores as per your search in the above step. 
  • Here, you just scroll and find the outlet you are planning to visit, or you want to know the hours. 
  • You will be able to see the work timings of the stores here.

  • In addition to the store hours, you will be able to find other details like Directions, Store Contact Number and address. 
  • You can also order your food from here by clicking "Order Now" or "Order Catering" for any gathering. 
  • For any query, you can directly call the store get the information related to the particular store.

Find Chipotle Hours using Google Maps

  • Open the Goole Maps through your Mobile app or the web browser. 
  • Search Chipotle on the search bar and hit the search button. 
  • You will now get the Chipotle outlets near your locations. 
  • Just see the details of the outlet you wants to know the details. 
  • Here you will be able to find hours of the store you selected. 

Note:- Using Google Maps, you will be able to find the location and hours of the Chipotle, but it is advisable that you use the store to find for better details and assistance.

Chipotle Customer Service

Call: 303-595-4000

For any reason, If you are not able to connect to the customer service, you can contact via Social media by visiting below pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chipotle Holiday Hours?
Chipotle is usually open for all days a week including weekends. During holidays the hours may vary, hence use the Location Finder to know the hours of your nearest store and call customer service to know the hours during holidays.

What is Chipotle Easter Hours?
Chipotle outlets are usually closed during Easter. But some stores may remain open, or work timings may be reduced. Please find the exact hours by calling the store using the Location Finder.

What are the Chipotle hours near me?
Using the Location Finder and following the steps given in this post above, you will be able to find the hours of your nearest locations.

What are Chipotle Christmas Eve hours?
Chipotle outlets are usually closed during Christmas Eve, but some outlets may remain open with reduced hours of operations. Hence call the Chipotle near you using the Location Finder, and know whether your nearest outlet is open or closed.

What are the Chipotle opening hours?
The general hours of the opening is 10:45 a.m to 11:45 p.m, but the hours vary as per the location. Hence use the Location Finder to know the exact opening hours of your location.

What are Chipotle Hours Sunday?
Generally hours on Sunday are from 10:45 am to 11:00 p.m. But please use the Location Finder to know the exact hours of your nearest store.

What are Chipotle thanksgiving hours?
Chipotle is usually closed on Thanksgiving day, but some outlets may remain open. Please find the hours using the Location Finder.


The hours of every Chipotle store vary as per the location, hence location finder or Google Maps is the best way to find the Chipotle Hours. I hope you are able to find the necessary information you were looking for in this post. Just write to us in the comment box, for any query or issue, we will try to find the best information for you. You can find more such information using our official website
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