Amazon Customer Care Service Helpline Number

Amazon Customer Care Service Helpline Number – In this post, you will get the best ways to connect with Amazon customer care service and find toll-free contact numbers. Sometimes, it is not easy to connect to Amazon customer care. You can connect to a representative by call, email, social media etc. Explore the options below.

Amazon Customer Care Contact Number

Just dial Amazon phone number 180030009009, and an IVR system will pick up your call. This phone line is suitable when you are not able to contact Amazon using other methods, and you are facing any urgent issues like your Amazon account got locked. An IVR system will pick up your call and will schedule a call back if any slot is available.
If this method does not resolve your problem, or if IVR does not respond with a correct solution or if IVR fails to direct call to Amazon customer care, you should follow the below methods to contact Amazon.

Contact Amazon Helpline Customer Service By Using Contact Us Form

This is probably the best method to contact Amazon. If you are having any issue related to your order on Amazon, or you have any complaint, you can contact Amazon by filling the contact us form. Please click the below link to access the form:
Amazon Contact Us form
Or you can simply copy-paste this link on your browser. You will be directed to Amazon’s official Contact Us Page. If you are not already logged in to Amazon, just provide your login ID and Password, and you will be navigated to Contact Us page of Amazon.

• After this form is opened, there are 3 steps which you have to complete.

• First select the most relevant option which represents your problem out of following options: Order related/Amazon Devices and Kindle apps/Digital Service/Non-Order Related.

• In the second step, select the issue most relevant to you. Select the Issue details after that. For eg., if your issue is regarding Prime membership, then select Prime membership in “Select an Issue” drop-down. And then select the most relevant “Select issue details”, eg. Membership Fee/Auto-Recharge.

• The third step is finally where you can contact Amazon representative either by Call or Chat.

Phone Option

• If you are facing any complex issue, which you could not resolve by chatting the customer care, or if you are not able to find a solution to any of your problems, you should use this option. Just click on Phone. The below page will open after you click on the Phone option. Just provide your number and select “Now” in “Call me now”.

• After clicking Call Me Now, you will get a call from Amazon. Just pick the call and answer the call to talk to a customer care representative.

Please note, the above method is most helpful when you want to talk to an Amazon representative. Amazon will call you and you no need Amazon Customer Care number here. This could take time in between 2-15 minutes, depending on how busy customer care is at the moment.

Chat Option

If your issue is not much complex, then you could call Amazon using their chat window. Just click on Chat option below if you do not choose Phone option:

Talk With Amazon Service

A chat window will open if you click on the option “Chat”. An Amazon customer care representative will be here on chat with you. You need to type your issue here for the resolution. This option is most relevant when the problem is not much complex, and also, in the case when you are stuck somewhere, where you could not pick a call like a quiet library or in a busy public place.
Please remember to ask the customer care representative to email the transcript of your chat to your email for your record.

Amazon Customer Care Email
To contact Amazon support via email, please compose an email that specifies your order details like Order ID and your contact information. Please explain your issue in detail for better and quick resolution of your issue.
Please be patient when you communicate with customer care via email. It may take 24-48 hrs depending on the availability of the customer care representative to respond.

Contact Amazon Through Social Media Like Twitter Or Facebook

You can also contact Amazon using their social media pages like Twitter or Facebook. If you have any non-complex issues like order a product, track shipment, missing shipment, etc. you can log in to your Twitter or Facebook, and you can find Amazon Help Page. Just leave a message using the Message option on the page. Provide the details of your issue like order ID, Shipment ID, etc and explain your issue in brief.


Normally customer care representatives call or message you within 24-48 hours of your post. In case, if they don’t reply within 48 hours, please post your message to their recent post.
Note:-Please do not share your payment information in case anyone asks you about your card details or any bank information

Some Tips To Get An Easy Resolution To Your Issue While You Contact Customer Care:

• Always be ready with your order ID in hand, if your issue is regarding any particular order.
• Always log in to your Amazon account and your order section before you contact customer care. You may need some quick information to tell while talking to them.
• Please talk to the Customer care politely. There are here to help you. If they are not able to resolve your problem, you can ask them politely to transfer your call to the concerned department or their senior manager.
• Please explain your issue clearly to the customer care representative. There are chances that they do not understand it properly. Hence, for a better resolution of your issue, please provide detail of your issue with example if possible.
• If you need to call multiple times, then please note the name of the operator you are talking to. This will save a lot of time, as when you call them again, you can ask for the same operator, which will prevent you from explaining your issue again and again.

Some Tips To Get An Easy Resolution To Your Issue While You Contact Customer Care:

There are various ways to get Amazon customer care. You can contact them via a direct call to 180030009009, via their contact form, via email to, via live chat, or via social media on their official Facebook or Twitter page. I hope you like the above information about Amazon Customer Care Service Helpline Number. You can read about customer care information on our official website

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